Hydraulic Jacks – Safely lifting your fleet in all conditions.

Mammut Jacks
Heavy Duty Hydraulic Jacks

Hydraulic Jacks - Safely Lifting Your Fleet.

Powerworks have been involved with the design and supply of air, electric and petrol over hydraulic jacks for the past 30 years. As such we have gained considerable experience through past, present and on-going research and development in the design, manufacture and application thereof.

Powerworks range of Powerlift, Hydralift and Mammut single, low profile and multi stage heavy duty hydraulic jacks are specifically designed for open cast haul trucks, articulated dump trucks and underground mining equipment where low ground clearance continues to be a challenge. They operate on the universally accepted air over oil system and are fitted with tri safety valves offering unsurpassed safety in case of catastrophic failure caused by external forces, overstroking, shock loading etc.

Controls are positioned well away from lifting points, thus ensuring that the operator is clear of the load during lifting as the need to crawl under the load is eliminated. Standard on all hydraulic Powerlifts further enhancing ease of operation is Powerworks patented Hi / Lo ground clearance system, allowing for one-man operation, ease of use and better maneuverability.

Our heavy duty hydraulic jacks have a range from 100 to 200 ton and the height can be custom made to suite your application.

Our heavy duty hydraulic jacks ae manufactured at our head office in South Africa by Powerworks Pty Ltd.

Powerlift Heavy Duty Hydraulic Jack
Hydralift Heavy Duty Hydraulic Jack
Powerlift Heavy Duty Hydraulic Jack